JaeMin moment 11 : Jaejoong proposing Changmin with a fake flower and Changmin accepting the proposal indirectly by picking up the flower

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AADBSK: SEASON 3 / jaejoong mentioning changmin in his other couple talks

And you clench your fists, barely resisting the urge to just run and punch him square in the face (at least you would live up to the soulfighters name, you think bitterly), but 2009 was three years ago. You’ve been through this in your mind over and over, and you repeat to yourself like a mantra that you’re better than that. So you hold your head as high as possible (just like you promised yourself you would) as you walk past him, ignoring his very existence as if he never mattered to you - because as far as you’re concerned, he’s not worth it anymore.


JaeMin moment 8 : Changmin wants nobody nobody but his Jaejoong Hyung.

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Supernatural AU: Jaejoong & Changmin as Crossroads Demon and Hunter

Took you long enough.” The voice sounds worn and tired, but clear nonetheless. A click sounded, and the door opened slightly. Changmin lowered his gun but didn’t stow it away. He pushed open the door, preparing himself for the worst.

Jaejoong lay sprawled on the bed, one hand flung over his head while the other pressed hard into his side. The white rag had become a dark crimson; blood oozed out from the sides. Cuts and wounds covered his entire torso, bare and bleeding. Yet the demon wore a wan smile on his face. “How are you this lovely evening? Pardon the mess. It’s not often I come home a bleeding heap of fucked up.” 

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au meme: changmin + jaejoong (jaemin) requested by anonymous - as vampire & werewolf.

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JaeMin Moment 5 : Jaejoong wants Changmin by his side. Always..


Sometimes Changmin wakes up earlier than Jaejoong, at the break of dawn, when the light touches the edge of horizon, and the silhouette maps Jaejoong’s calm features. In these moments Changmin silently trail Jaejoong’s cheekbones, to the chin, and then ear and he smiles to himself because seeing Jaejoong peaceful warms him, gives him life.
Until Jaejoong wakes up, and the sadness in his eyes are visible.
Changmin wants to hug him, soothe him but he can’t— he’s just a figment of Jaejoong’s denial.

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